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          We are meeting clients expectations since 2010 by providing cost effective luxury car rental services for luxury car, exotic cars, SUVs, Limousines, mansions, yachts and aircraft and mansions rentals etc. We are pleased to work with you and provide the best deals on our exclusive car models. We have one of the best collections of luxury and exotic vehicles with us that are available for rent at cheaper costs. Simply call us to get a free quote on car rental costs in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai & Bangkok, Thailand. Rental costs depend upon the car model selected by you. You can select the one of your choice and we will get the car ready for you.

          We have quickly grown as one of the most dependable Concierge Service in Malaysia. We are constantly expanding our fleet and at the same time keeping price low for our clients. We value our customers the most and our highly professional and trained staff makes sure you get the car delivered to you in time and in perfect condition, so that you get that ultimate experience.

          Rglobalcar provide luxury car rental services in Malaysia for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, video shoots, tour packages, day use and long term leasing in Malaysia, Variety of luxury car brand names manufacturer are available for rent, ranging from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Mazda, VW (Volkswagon), Nissan GTR, Range Rover, Land Rover, Toyota Vellfire, Porsche, Ford Mustang and more.


          豪华汽车租赁 吉隆坡| 槟城| 柔佛州新山. 

          吉隆坡的汽车租赁服务,价格低廉,包括豪华轿车,超级跑车,SUV和异国情调的汽车。 马来西亚汽车租赁公司最便宜的租金价格RM200起。

          马来西亚豪华车租赁 | 吉隆坡 | 槟城 | 新山 我们提供豪车,超跑出租在马来西亚价钱RM200起跳。R Global Luxury Car Rental 提供婚礼车,周年华庆,公司会议,视频拍照,旅游配套, 和长期租赁。目前的车款有法拉利,蓝宝基尼,宾利,劳斯莱斯,宝马,奥迪,马赛地,战神GTR,路虎,丰田保姆车,保时捷,野马。

          We serve multiple locations. Find out our offices, along with our pickup and return points.